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162 Sad Playlist Names Ideas

A great sad playlist name captures the essence of melancholy and wistfulness – think of "Tears in Heaven," a name that reflects the deep emotions and sorrowful moments of life.

Using our Playlist Name AI generator, we have curated the best sad playlist names for Spotify that resonate with the heartache, longing, and emotional depth of the genre.

Discover good sad playlist name ideas for your song collections, reflecting the bittersweet moments and soulful melodies of sad music.

53 sad Playlist Names for rap Music

  • 🌪️💭🎧
  • Blue Verse Chronicles
  • Blueprint of Heartache
  • Broken Beats for Broken Dreams
  • Broken Hearts, Open Mics
  • Brooklyn Heartache
  • Coldest Winter Nights
  • Crying in the Booth, Rapping the Blues
  • Crying in the Concrete Jungle
  • Crying Over Calculus and Rhymes
  • Curtain Call Whispers
  • Dark Twisted Fantasy
  • Detroit Despair
  • Downbeat Lyricism
  • Dynasty Despair
  • Empire State of Sorrow
  • Gloomy Flow Sessions
  • Hard Knock Life Echoes
  • Haunting Hailie
  • Heartbreak Bars
  • Heartbreak Empire State
  • Heartless Echoes
  • Lose Yourself in Tears
  • Lose Yourself Moments
  • Lost in Lyrics and Lecture Notes
  • Lost in Marcy Projects
  • Lost in the 99 Problems
  • Love Lockdown Lament
  • Marcy Melancholy
  • Melancholy Graduation
  • Melancholy Rhymes
  • Midnight Confessions in Verse
  • Mockingbird Echoes
  • Not Afraid Reflections
  • Reasonable Doubts and Tears
  • Rhymes for the Rainy Days
  • Roc-a-Fella Reflections
  • Scribbling Sorrows in the Margins
  • Slim's Solitude
  • Sorrow Scribbles and Sick Flows
  • Sorrowful Spits
  • Streetlights Serenade
  • Tears on the Mic
  • Tears on the Mic, Heart on the Sleeve
  • Tears on the Study Desk
  • Tears on the Throne
  • The Way I Am
  • Till I Collapse
  • Verses from a Broken Soul
  • Weeping Wordplay
  • Westside Blues
  • When I'm Gone
  • When the Beat Drops, So Do Tears

19 sad Playlist Names for indie Music

  • 🌧️💔🌈🕯️
  • butterfly collection pinned to memories
  • echoes of laughter in an empty room
  • faded photographs and forgotten chord progressions
  • found a polaroid of us in my thrift store sweater
  • i wrote you a song but my guitar only has two strings
  • Lost in Thought
  • Moonlit confessions to bedroom walls
  • poetry slam in an empty coffee shop at 2 am
  • polaroids of places we'll never visit again
  • pressed flowers between pages of unfinished novels
  • rain on the windowpane of my soul
  • staring at the ceiling fan spinning stories
  • Tears and Indie Guitars
  • the barista spelled my name wrong again
  • the bittersweet symphony of unfinished conversations
  • the ghosts of mixtapes past come haunting
  • wallowing in melancholy with fictional soulmates
  • whispers from the bottom of an empty coffee cup

17 sad Playlist Names for country Music

  • Blue Jeans and Broken Dreams
  • Broken Fences
  • Cryin' in the Barn
  • Crying on the Front Porch
  • Dusty Trails of Sorrow
  • Echoes of a Broken Heart
  • Fading Sunset Serenade
  • Heartbreak Rodeo
  • Lonesome Cowboy Blues
  • Lost in the Lonesome Pines
  • Midnight Tears and Guitars
  • Moonlit Melancholy
  • Rainy Nights and Empty Roads
  • Weeping Willows and Wild Horses
  • When the Stars Don't Shine
  • Whiskey Tears and Dusty Roads
  • Whiskey Tears and Heartache

11 sad Playlist Names for alternative Music

  • 🌑🖤🎧
  • 🌒🍁🎧
  • After the Storm, Quiet Reflections
  • creep through the rearview mirror
  • echoes of a fading heartbeat
  • Eyeliner River
  • Lost in the Echoes
  • Moonlit Reverie
  • Tears on Repeat
  • When the World Fades
  • When the World Falls Apart

10 sad Playlist Names for rock Music

  • Blue Shadows
  • Broken Chords
  • Echoes of Solitude
  • Guitar Solos for Lonely Souls
  • Heartstrings Unplugged
  • Melancholy Riffs
  • Sorrowful Strums
  • Tear-Stained Strings
  • Weeping Guitars
  • When the World Feels Heavy

8 sad Playlist Names for folk Music

  • Echoes in the Writer's Soul
  • Ghosts in the Writer's Reverie
  • Melancholy Meadows
  • Moonlit Solitude
  • Phantoms in the Poet's Imagination
  • Shadows in the Poet's Mind
  • Tears on the Old Porch Swing
  • Whispers in the Poet's Dreams

7 sad Playlist Names for techno Music

  • Blue Synths
  • Cyber Sorrow
  • Digital Despair
  • Electric Heartache
  • Gloomy Circuits
  • Melancholy Machines
  • Neon Tears

4 sad Playlist Names for emo Music

  • Melancholy Melodies for the Thoughtful Souls
  • Remnants of Broken Dreams
  • Sad Songs for the Overthinkers Club
  • Whispers of Past Affections

4 sad Playlist Names for pop Music

  • ballads for broken screens
  • Heartbreak in Manila
  • Retro Reverie
  • When the Beat Can't Heal

3 sad Playlist Names for hip hop Music

  • Lament with Lunges
  • Melancholy Flows and Broken Rhythms
  • Punch-Drunk Love Loss

2 sad Playlist Names for classical Music

  • Half-Written Sonata of Days
  • Unfinished Symphony of Life

2 sad Playlist Names for k-pop Music

  • Broken Wings, K-Style
  • Crying in Seoul

1 sad Playlist Names for electronic Music

  • Glitching Through the Blue Hour

1 sad Playlist Names for jazz Music

  • Midnight Melancholy

1 sad Playlist Names for metal Music

  • Tears of Steel

1 sad Playlist Names for r&b Music

  • Midnight Whispers

1 sad Playlist Names for soul Music

  • Echoes of Heartache

Other sad Playlist Names

  • Abel's Darkest Hours
  • constellations spell out my regrets
  • Drenched in Blue
  • Dust Collecting on Unplayed Vinyl
  • Lost in the Lyrics
  • Lost in the Pages
  • Midnight Conversations with Myself
  • Pillow Talk (With Myself)
  • Soggy Sorrows
  • Spectral Nostalgia
  • The Blue Hour
  • the silence between heartbeats
  • Thoughts Trapped in Margins
  • Wet Pavement Blues
  • when the rain won't stop falling
  • wilted flowers on a windowsill
  • words worth weeping for
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